Creating Own Helmet Design Very Popular Among Estonian Children and Youth

During only a month, 9,343 children and adolescents designed their own custom helmet within the frame of a campaign created by Creatum. Custom helmets received 84,633 likes. The level of graphic design of many helmets was very high. Estonian Road Administration’s campaign website got 46,018 unique visitors and 203,953 page views during one month. Additionally, young designers were able to show their helmets on Facebook.

The reason for creating this unique opportunity is an amendment in Traffic Act, which will make wearing bike helmet mandatory for children under the age of 16 from July 1, 2011.

Estonian Road Administration arranged the helmet campaign to introduce this change in legislation. The campaign included an interactive website that provided an option for everyone to design their own custom helmet. Additionally, everyone can buy the custom-design helmets until end of August at The campaign stars Tanel Leok, one of the best motocross riders in the world and also a recreational cyclist. Tanel Leok’s participation is his charity contribution to the campaign.

The helmet designed by Kaljo Kõvask received the highest number of votes. He will be awarded with a bycyle helmet with Tanel Leok’s autograph. Several other authors were also recognized, including Erkki Madi, Allan Popp, Mark Tisler, Marelle Maiste and Katrin Kasumets. Go to to view the post popular designs.