Creatum, ADM to Create Interactive Game for Estonia’s 100 Anniversary

Creatum and ADM won National Heritage Board’s procurement for the idea for a discovery game, which will be part of the Estonia 100 Anniversary celebration. Creatum will be responsible for the idea and design, while ADM will work with interactive ideas, technical side, and administration of the game.

“100 Treasures of Estonia“ is a unique and interactive discovery game, which aims at collecting 100 important places or objects (so-called treasures) across Estonia with the help of game participants. Game participants must find/visit these places and upload them via a mobile app, giving the player (Estonian or tourist) a chance to get to know Estonia’s cultural heritage.

The aim of the project is to rediscover Estonian culture and nature sites for the country’s 100th Anniversary. The project broadens Estonians’ knowledge about our country’s cultural heritage, helps to map the most important cultural objects and introduce our cultural heritage to the International community. We have laid out a plan to engage 80,000-100,000 tourists in the game. To read more, visit