Creatum Welcomes New Partner and Strategy Manager Birjo Kiik

In October, Creatum welcomed a new member – marketing communication strategist Birjo Kiik. Birjo has worked in Swedbank as a marketing manager in different divisions, in Valior as sales and marketing director and for the past three years she has been managing director of advertising agency Idea. Birjo has a bachelor’s degree in business studies from University of Tartu specializing in business solutions and marketing and master’s degree summa cum laude from EBS specializing in business consultancy.

Birjo has consulted many Estonian and international corporations and has helped to create several financial products which were revolutionary in Baltic States at the time – Duokonto, Trump (later became Ego), etc.· In Swedbank, Birjo created a process for segmenting customer groups.
Later, this was used as a base of the bank’s marketing concept and awarded with Team of the Year title.

In addition to providing strategic and tactical consultancy, Birjo views her mission in Estonia’s advertising market mainly in three areas: 1) setting a more precise target before shooting will give a remarkable financial benefit already in one year – plan or die! 2) Estonia’s economy needs creators reading Äripäev more than mystics.

3) Estonian agency can build competence to provide necessary input for companies who want to operate abroad. Extending operations abroad does not necessarily mean using an expensive foreign agency for all activities – large amount of work can be done here, in Estonia.

Birjo Kiik’s positive decision brings great experience and strategic aptness to an agency which is likely to be Estonia’s most insightful and thorough in terms of analyzing needs of its customers. 

We give our warm welcome to Birjo!