Tallinn TV Tower Opens

After several years of renovations, Tallinn’s historic TV Tower was reopened on Wednesday by Juhan Parts, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications. Tower’s modern exhibit rooms feature the latest Estonia’s innovations. For Creatum, the remodeling of the TV Tower was a major project lasting for more than six months. Creatum wrote and edited exhibition labels, managed the process of translation of exhibition materials, and also designed and produced signs, signposts and internal graphics. Additionally, Creatum’s team created a new website and prints for the TV Tower.

On the 22nd floor, 170m from the ground, 22 robots with touch-screen display welcome visitors by adjusting themselves according to the nearby visitor’s movement. These cosmic robotic mushrooms give an overview of what people who have lived in Estonia have accomplished, and these names, facts and stories are known to the world, yet may be not so familiar to ourselves. Some robotic mushrooms operate as spyglasses that let visitors move around in time and space – besides magnifying the view, they show what Tallinn and Harju county looked like at different times.

TV Tower expects to attract at least 100,000 annual visitors, both local and international. During the grand opening ceremony, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Juhan Parts even mentioned the number 130,000. A visit to the TV Tower costs €7, for priority admission visitors must pay €11, and children and pensioners pay €4. With a total budget of 6.6 million euros for the overhaul, the most was received from EU funds.

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