Pet City XL avamiskampaanial tugevad tulemused

Järeluuring näitab, et Pet City XL lansseerimiskampaania tulemused ületasid seatud ootusi. Bränd saavutas valdavalt Tallinna ja Harjumaa fookusega kampaania käigus 44% tuntuse kogu Eesti lemmikloomaomanike seas, mis on tugev näitaja. Koguni 40% teab, et PetCity on Põhjamaade suurim lemmikloomakaupade ja –teenuste keskus. Ootuspäraselt on veelgi tugevamad tuntuse näitajad Tallinnas (61%) ja Põhja-Eesti 57% lemmikloomaomanike seas ning Lääne-Eesti (sh Pärnu) 55% lemmikloomaomanike seas.

Avamispäeval oli külastajaid üle 3000 ja hetkeks on Pet City Facebookis saavutanud juba rohkem kui 2700 jälgijat.

Creatum Consulted Assistant Police Officers Assembly

Creatum’s partner and creative director Igor Baturin shared his long-term in creating campaigns for Estonian police and military forces at the Assistant Police Officers Assembly in Tartu. Various campaigns created by Creatum’s CD’s team in different companies during 16 years have shown strong results – ’112’, ’New Estonian Police’, ’Force of Law’, ’Life’s Calling’, ’Bravery’s Calling“, to name a few.
There are 838 assistant police officers in Estonia, and they put in as many hours in a year as 44 police officers do in one city precinct. Creatum wishes the best of success to them, as in the current geopolitical situation, our society needs the sense of security even more than before.

Titanic Exhibition Very Successful

As of today, 200,000 people have visited the Titanic exhibition. According to museum experts, this is a number that will be hard to overcome. As a comparison, Estonia’s largest museum Kumu had a little over 128,000 visitors last year. The number of Titanic exhibition visitors will keep growing as the exhibition is open for one more week. The huge number of visitors is more than twice as high as predicted. The ticket revenue will be used to renovate the historic icebreaker ’Suur Tõll’.
Creatum congratulates its long-term customer. We are pleased to have participated in the exhibition with two 9x3m design displays that complement the original exhibition made in the U.S.

Creatum at AmCham Entrepreneurship Forum

Moonika Kiop, partner and CEO of Creatum, spoke at AmCham entrepreneurship forum on key principles on planning marketing communication. The presentation was very well received by the audience.

New Customer – If Brand

Creatum competed with several renown Estonian agencies and won a new customer – online self-service for traffic and casco insurance The first campaign is a discount campaign A Happy Day.

The goal of is to be a market leader – win customers’ trust and be the most popular online vehicle insurance self-service office. provides what you need when you need it. Convenient. Affordable. Fast.

Owner of the brand If is one of the leading insurance companies in the Nordic and Baltic region with approximately 3.5 clients. If’s owner is If P&C Insurance Holding Ltd., a fully-owned subsidiary of the Sampo plc, the leading financial institution in Scandinavia.

If puts great emphasis on the development of innovative online insurance. This effort has already been rewarded on both local and international level. For example Euromoney Insurance Survey 2009 awarded If with the title Best Insurer in the Nordic and Baltic Region. Insurance Survey is a prestigious survey and this acknowledgement is highly valued on the world’s insurance market. customers are now able to use If’s online insurance and benefit from constant technological development as well.

Creatum Wins EAS Procurement for Local Entrepreneurship Days

Creatum’s campaign solution competed with the market’s leading agencies Der Tank and DDB and this time, Creatum won.

Local entreprenureship days are series of seminars that take place during at country centers during spring and fall. The goal of the new campaign is to get people to participate in Local Entrepreneurship Days events in different counties and increase people’s general knowledge about entrepreneurship. Local Entrepreneurship Days are arranged by the EAS and county development centers.

Creatum AD Trained Museum Employees at Tartu University

On behalf of the Estonian Ministry of Culture, Tartu University held a continuing education course “Museum in the 21st century“. Creatum’s Art Director was invited to share his knowledge on the subject “What defines good museum text?“. Igor Baturin spoke about his 3-year experience on content creation and message strategy based on the Seaplane Harbor example. It was a productive hour and a half, which didn’t pass without some humor.

Creatum Proudly Presents: Ulla Küttmaa, New Project Manager

We are very glad to have Ulla on board, making our digital sense now even stronger. Until recently, Ulla worked as Senior Account Executive at Essence Digital UK in London, and her daily tasks included managing Google’s B2B and B2C campaigns. Ulla’s previous work was also related to large media agencies like Media Planning Group (Havas Media) where she was trusted with Reckitt Benckiser, Kraft Foods, Red Bull, and other notable accounts. She also contributed to Adnet Media, an online advertisement network, where she represented Microsoft Advertising in the Baltic countries. This experience will certainly help our clients to drive their business forward.

Creatum Picked as Ad Agency for Statoil

Creatum is pleased to welcome Statoil among its customers.
Statoil held a scheduled procurement for advertising services, and just the fact that we were invited to participate mattered a lot. But we were in for more, and we are very pleased that we were selected to become Statoil’s second advertising services partner and a source for fresh ideas. Rakett ad agency will also continue to provide advertising services for Statoil.

New Radio Ads for Datel

Datel AS, one of the largest and oldest Estonian IT companies, was pleased with radio ads made by Creatum three years ago and will order more for its 25th anniversary.

Creatum to Rebrand Lootsi Center

Creatum will create a new identity and marketing communication strategy for the Lootsi Center based on the image created by communications bureau Hamburg & Partnerid. The client’s working group includes Andrew Hardy, a renowned retail strategist from UK.

Creatum Wins Open Air Museum Procurement

In May this year, Estonian Open Air Museum will open house expositions of Seto people and Old Believers of Lake Peipsi. Two new worlds will emerge on the streets of Rocca-al-Mare historic village. Creatum will make an ATL campaign for this event. We are glad to be able to work on such a charming project.

Creatum Moves to New Premises

Creatum welcomes its clients in our new premises at Metalli 3 in Tallinn. This brand new office building houses several media agencies and brands’ representative offices.
Interior design of Creatum’s new office is a clear hommage to the pop culture memory, which feeds the code of every other campaign of ours.

Creatum to Create a Book for TV Tower

Creatum’s idea “314 Meters of Freedom“ won the contest for the book on the history of the Tallinn TV Tower. The idea depicts the TV Tower as a timeline in Estonia’s pursuit for freedom. Defending the TV Tower against Soviet troops in 1991 is an important landmark on this journey and one of the main events in the history of Estonia regaining its independence. Design will be the main means of conveying the story.

Creatum to Develop a New Pan-Baltic Retail Brand

We are pleased to start working with one of the largest Estonian-owned group of companies for whom we’ll be creating a new and ambitious brand for all three Baltic states. More details to be reveled in due time. Creatum won the bid against major Estonian agencies with its modern and happy brand vision. Retail design concept will be created in collaboration with our long-term partners of 16 years from KOKO Architects.

New Client: Government Office

Creatum is honored to continue our cooperation with the Government Office, which started in 2013. This time we won the procurement for designing job ads to fill the positions of Estonia’s top officials. But before that, we will create a campaign for the leadership talent program run by the Government Office, which focuses on guiding young people with a talent for leadership to become top officials in the Estonian public sector.

Creatum, ADM to Create Interactive Game for Estonia’s 100 Anniversary

Creatum and ADM won National Heritage Board’s procurement for the idea for a discovery game, which will be part of the Estonia 100 Anniversary celebration. Creatum will be responsible for the idea and design, while ADM will work with interactive ideas, technical side, and administration of the game.

“100 Treasures of Estonia“ is a unique and interactive discovery game, which aims at collecting 100 important places or objects (so-called treasures) across Estonia with the help of game participants. Game participants must find/visit these places and upload them via a mobile app, giving the player (Estonian or tourist) a chance to get to know Estonia’s cultural heritage.

The aim of the project is to rediscover Estonian culture and nature sites for the country’s 100th Anniversary. The project broadens Estonians’ knowledge about our country’s cultural heritage, helps to map the most important cultural objects and introduce our cultural heritage to the International community. We have laid out a plan to engage 80,000-100,000 tourists in the game. To read more, visit

KOKO Architects Launches Reference Book

KOKO Architects is a renowned firm both in Estonia and worldwide. Their Fahle House, a true pearl of Tallinn, is probably the only work by Estonian architect that has been chosen for the Top 10 World Architecture. Additionally, KOKO has worked on reconstruction of the Tallinn TV Tower (2012) and Seaplane Harbour’s waterborne aircraft hangars (2012), synagogue in Tallinn, reconstruction of the carpenter’s workshop in the Rotermann quarter (2009), Georg Ots Spa Hotel in Kuressaare (2004), and Estonia’s legendary ’carrot pavilion at the EXPO 2000.

Creatum team members have participated in many well-known projects of the KOKO architects’ since Estonia’s pavilion at the World Exposition EXPO 2000 in Hannover. Our next project with them is creating content for the new KOKO reference book.

Creatum Won TÖÖBIK Agency Competition

Creatum is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Social Affairs has chosen to go with Creatum’s well thought-out offer. It is important to note that the offer was not selected because of the price but for its content. As a communication partner, we will do our bit to make working environments in Estonia even safer than before. is a new and free online portal for people who are responsible for work health and safety. Töö includes all subjects on work environment, thus making the life of working environment representatives much easier.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the employer must, in order to prevent and minimize the health risk of employees, perform the assessment of risks of the work environment, which includes assessment of physical, chemical, biological, physiological and psychological risks for employees’ health and safety.

Creatum to Develop Identity for Global Car Wash Chain

In the advertising world, the largest pleasure comes from giving life to new brands. Creatum is once again honored to be a part of the creation a new global budget hand car wash brand. We have now started with preliminary work, which includes conducting surveys and tests, and choosing names, etc.

The new global car wash chain will bring different types of car washes under one brand. The brand will include car wash stations both underground and in garages, and also open-air car wash stations.

New Solutions for Microsoft

Creatum is pleased about the continued cooperation with its long-term partner Microsoft. The latest project was creating MVA graphic illustrations for one of the largest brands in the world. Click here to view the illustrations that will be used in many countries across the world

MVA is an abbreviation for Microsfot Virtual Academy, which is aimed at encouraging IT professionals and programmers to make daily use of the online learning platform. MVA is not just a list of instructions but a comprehensive platform for turning novices into gurus.

New Exhibition at the History Museum

On December 3, the Estonian History Museum opens a new exhibition “Country on a Chessboard – German Occupation in Estonia 1941-1944“ in the Stable House of the Maarjamäe Palace. This exhibition will give a versatile overview of the of the most controversial and gruesome periods of our history.

Creatum’s cooperation with the History Museum began with creating a permanent exhibition for the Great Guild Hall in 2011. Our role in the new exhibition was to create wording for display texts and create a new vision for radio and TV ads.

New Identity for Veskimöldre Real Estate project

Creatum has won an agency bid for creating a new CVI and identity for the next phase of the well-known Veskimöldre real estate project.

300 lots with an average size of 2000m2 will be built in the Nõmme area, next to the old Veskimöldre complex. The project is developed by Bravecapital and it will be launched in Q1 of 2015.

Creatum Won Scouts Batallion Procurement

As security remains tense in Europe, Creatum’s team is please to give its talent and know-how for expanding the Scouts Batallion’s forces.

Current campaign “Steel 2“ is an extension to the Scouts Batallion spring recruitment campaign. Online and print are the main media channels of the campaign.

In addition to the Estonian soldiers, the campaign features armament of our allies. The awarded visual – soldier descending on a rope – has been complemented by the Black Hawk helicopter and Bradley fighting vehicle. NATO’s support and presence in Estonia is now greater than ever before.

Brits Select Creatum’s Creative Director

Hogarth WorldWide, a global ad company selected Creatum’s creative director Igor Baturin to become part of their project team. The selection was made among Estonian creative directors based on portfolio and international jury experience. Igor will assess Hogarth WorldWide ads in the view of their suitability for Estonian market. The selection is a compliment to the whole team of Creatum, as the customer is the iconic brand Apple, and print ads highly valued by the brits are created by the Creatum team.

Creatum is Promoting Recycling

EES-Ringlus and Ekogaisma Eesti ordered a sequel to the 2010 campaign “Useless home appliances will haunt you!“.  The sequel is named “Saw 2“ is aimed towards promoting environmental friendliness. The humorous clip made in cooperation with Nukufilm (director Riho Unt) features useless compact fluorescent lamps and old home appliances.

Ekogaisma Eesti OÜ is a manufacturer liability organization, which has been managing lap recycling under the WEEE directive since 2005. The organization is owned by global electronics and energy firms Philips, Osram, General Electric, and BLV

The goal of EES-Ringlus NGO is the establishment and operation of a transparent and efficient system to enable the producers of electrical and electronic equipment or batteries and accumulators to meet the requirements for treatment of waste generated from electrical and electronic equipment or batteries and accumulators.

Creatum Signs 3-Year Agreement with Minstry of Internal Affairs

Creatum, together with DDB and Newton, came on top in a tight race for a project „Promoting Authoritative Parenting Practices“. The three-year project aims at raising parents’ awareness and prevention of children’s risk behavior. Creatum hopes to do its part to make and keep Estonian kids safe.

New Client: Tallinna Optika

Tallinna Optika, one of the oldest optics companies in Estonia, is nearing its 25th birthday. For their anniversary, Creatum and Media House created a new marketing vision, and in cooperation with Tallinn Postworks, Creatum made a TV-clip focusing on glasses’ power to create a new person – be who you want to be!Since its establishment in 1990 as the first optics company based on Estonian private capital, Tallinna Optika has grown into a chain of 9 opticians across Estonia.

Ajakirjade Kirjastus Campaign Yields Great Results

Creatum welcomes good results from most recent the Ajakirjade Kirjastus subscription campaign. According to the survey on Estonian print media conducted by Turu-uuringute AS, the number of readers of Ajakirjade Kirjastus publications has grown 13% in Q2 year-on-year.The number of readers increased for almost all Ajakirjade Kirjastus publications, e.g. Jana, Pere & Kodu, and Kodukiri. Magazine Eesti Naine gained 12,000 readers, totaling 78,000, which is 18% more that in Q2 last year.Weekly magazine Kroonika gained 9,000 readers in Q2 compared to Q1. In total, Kroonika now has 94,000 readers, which is more than, for example, Eesti Ekspress and Eesti Päevaleht. According to Q2 results, Kroonika is the most popular magazine among women between 20 and 39. Health magazine Tervis Pluss gained 7,000 readers (+23%, total 37,000).

Creatum Wins Estonian Tax and Customs Board Campaign against Envelope Salaries

Envelope salaries is still a big problem for both Estonian state and private people. In 2012, the state lost € 143 million in taxes because of envelope salaries, and social damages cannot even be calculated.Because the problem is indeed important, Creatum is very pleased to win the agency bid. We are excited about the fact that the main feature of the campaign, the „small angry envelope“, will soon perk up city streets and we are sure that people will start paying bigger attention to envelope salaries. An innovative element of the campaign is an online so-called „calculator of loss“, which everyone can use to calculate how much they lose if the salary is paid in envelope. The calculator is available at

Kroonika’s Entertainment Awards Campaign Exceeds Expectations

Media campaign for the Kroonika’s Entertainment Awards Campaign worked even better than last year’s campaign gathering an unbelievable number of 175,000 voters. This year’s campaign design was based on the 1920s art noveau style. Kroonika’s Entertainment Awards Campaign glamourous Gala held at the Russian Drama Theatre was built on the Great Gatsby era style and was recognized by active participation and received very positive feedback from media.Creatum congratulates Kroonika and will do everything to break the participation record next year as well.

New Client: Frontier Hockey

Not too many people know that world-famous hockey sticks are made in a factory near Pärnu. Many national teams in Europe and KHL league players play with sticks made by Frontier Hockey. Over 300 professional hockey players have already received custom hockey sticks. Frontier became a member of IIHF Supplier Pool in 2006. The Pool is a group of honorable suppliers who have license to equip athletes at the Olympic Games and World Championships. This is a proof of the fact that a small Estonian producer is making really good hockey sticks, and Creatum is pleased to join the team to increase Frontier Hockey’s International fame even more. The first step will be developing a marketing and campaign model for Finnish market. Shows Excellent Sales Numbers

Creatum is pleased to announce that the years of working towards increasing the awareness, pleasantness, and sales of If Insurance’s vehicle insurance brand has yielded great results. The target audience has recognized communication language of the brand, the sales has grown each year.

EMC – New Global Client

Creatum is honored to welcome the global technology leader EMC among our clients. Our first project will be creating visual output for electronic communication of the high-end server EMC VNX5300 to be used by companies in tens of countries in Europe and across the world.EMC does not need a lengthy description, but if you want more information, please visit

Icefire – New Client

Icefire is an Estonian software development company with 70 employees. Icefire’s list of customers currently includes Swedbank, Skype, Elion, Estonian Tax Board, and others. The core of the team has led software development at the largest bank in the Baltic countries for many years.Creatum welcomes Icefire and will make sure to meet the high expectations.

Eesti Päevaleht – New Client

Creatum is pleased to welcome daily newspaper Eesti Päevaleht among its clients. As an agency, we love challenges, and printed newspapers today has many to offer. The first project we made with the client is the Press Awards campaign. PP PP PP

Creatum Wins Ajakirjade Kirjastus Bid

Creatum is pleased to announce our victory for Ajakirjade Kirjastus agency bid for their new subscription campaign. The victory was secured by creating a well thought-out and fanciful visual design and clearly constructed sales mechanics. Chooses Creatum is a new and ambitious electricity provider, part of the Alexela Group. Creatum welcomes the new client and will soon hand over a new and more colorful marketing communication package. Because…cheaper electricity is human right! describes itself in the following way: we do not originate from an old and large monopoly system. Our team includes experienced professionals, electricity spot market analysts with a degree from Cambridge, people who can analyze and understand the process of producing electricity, and also Estonian top financial specialists and IT engineers.

Spaaremaa WellFest Gets New Identity

Spaaremaa WellFest has created a new zestful series of events that invites people to discover the Saaremaa island and everything is has to offer. Creatum was thrilled to create a frisky logo, CVI and other marketing materials for the event.

Fresh Presentation for Government Office

Estonia is preparing for the 2018 European Union Presidency, and for this process, the Government Office of Estonia asked Creatum to make an interactive presentation using novel technology and custom design. The presentation aids at better understanding of the state’s goal and needs. The presentation is built around a ’lion tree’ image which represents strong team work and Estonia’s state insignia’s translation to the e-era language.

Nordic Hypo Launched

Creatum is honored and pleased to welcome experienced finance specialists among our clients. Together, we prepared the launch of Nordic Hypo, a new mortgage loan brand. Nordic Hypo offers finance service that has been traditionally associated with banks.Nordic Hypo is a financial institution based on Estonian capital, which provides mortgage loans. The company is characterized by transparency and trustworthiness associated with a bank, and at the same time it has flexibility and personal service of a small company. Nordic Hypo team includes loan professionals with a long-time experience in Estonian market.

Saunamaailm – New Client

Saunamaailm is a truly dedicated company, as well as a market and opinion leader in the world of saunas. Saunamaailm represents many top sauna brands, they have a retail store at Järve Center, International online store, and a unique relaxation center Saunaküla.
Up until now, Saunamaailm has not needed marketing support. But times are changing and soon we will launch our first marketing project – a small campaign to increase brand awareness and boost retail sales.

198,563 Views for Gender Equality Campaign Clips

The gender equality campaign will end with the end of this year. 47,500 visitors have viewed video clips on the website, and social media channels brought an additional 198,563 views. The clips have been shared in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, USA, and UK.
We hope that the campaign results in change in the attitude towards gender equality.

New Oriola Brands in Our Portfolio

The sales of lip care brand Blistex, and fish oil/fish liver oil brand Lys have been satisfactory. This is why our client Oriola asked us to manage three more of their brands: Absolut Dry, Gefilus, and Salus-Haus. Creatum is excited to have a chance to increase market share of these high-quality products.